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Mobility and Transportation Research Group 

GET, initiated in 2003, aims to promote transport research and to act as a focus for those involved in these activities in universities and institutions in Portugal.

Annual Conference

An annual conference for staff, research students and other relative newcomers to transport research, both from universities and innovative institutions, which is designed to discuss research needs, research in progress, and to give research students the opportunity to present their work.


Since 2003 we have been uploading pdf conference contributions to the website and once you are a member, free to view.

! News

Congratulations to Marcos Paulo Schlickmann, Sergio Batista and Armindo Frias who won the Best PhD Presentation prize, hosted by GET at Duecitania Hotel, Penela, 7-8 January 2019. 

Marcos Paulo Schlickmann’ paper was entitled: a decision support system for investments in public transport infrastructure. Sergio Batista's paper was entitled: regional Dynamic Traffic Assignment for multi-regional networks and MFD models. Armindo Frias’ paper was entitled: Modelando o movimento dos turistas no destino.