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Mobility and Transportation Research Group

Who Are We?

The Grupo de Estudos em Transportes (GET) or Study Group in Transportation, was initiated in 2003. It is a non-profit group and disseminates research related to all fields in transportation and mobility, from universities and institutions in Portugal.

The research units that attend to the event, conduct relevant research in all fields of transportation and mobility. The research units participating at the annual meeting disseminate and share the relevant group activities, achievements and other relevant information and events with the remainder GET community.

Main Activities

  • An annual conference for staff, research students and other relative newcomers to transport research of member institutions and/or universities, which is designed to discuss research needs, research in progress, and to give research students the opportunity to present papers on their work. This meeting provides the opportunity to discuss on-going research and opportunities for collaborations. Participants are also able to share their research and latest results with the Portuguese community, and get feed-back on their work. The dissemination of information about research opportunities as well as relevant activities to GET members.
  • Occasional informal seminars and workshops arranged by liaison groups to discuss specific research issues in greater depth.
  • Dissemination of career oppotunities, events, projects, call for papers
  • Identification of experts for requests from the main Portuguese transportation stakeholders
  • Partnership with consortiums for project dissemination and communication

Does your group do research in any field of transportation and/or mobility? GET warmly welcomes applications for membership from all research units, institutions or universities in Portugal. The membership is free and subject to the conditions previously established. For more information, you can contact us at [email protected]